Michael Massad Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Fifth Grade


1986 - Bachelor of Science - Communications - University of Texas at Arlington

1992 - Texas Teacher Certificate Plan - Texas State University

1996 - Masters Degree - Reading - Texas State University


State-certified Reading Specialist - Texas


I have been teaching at Patton my entire teaching career, since 1994. I taught third grade for 19 years and joined the fifth grade team in 2014. 


Teaching Philosophy


Teaching must address the whole child. I see school as rehearsal for life, and I try to conduct my classroom as if it were a microcosm of society. In my class, students read and write for authentic purposes. They construct knowledge to learn concepts and solve problems and to find innovative technological ways to present what they’ve learned. They practice being responsible, honest, and tolerant of others. It is my role as teacher to model these behaviors - these choices - and lead my students to discover, experience, and internalize them. Sometimes we fail; often we succeed. And we experience the consequences of both. Sound a little like life? I hope so!

I want all students to be raised (at home and school) in a print-rich, literate environment. I want reading to be as natural for children as talking. I think we can provide this setting by immersing students in print, putting them in real-life situations where reading is required and supplying children with the world knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to make smart choices with their newfound knowledge. Their literate environment should also include a strong and authentic emphasis on writing. Ideally, instruction will incorporate students’ strengths, and a chief goal is to develop independent learners. 

When they leave my sphere of influence, I want my students to be strategic readers and thinkers. I hope they are on their way to becoming information synthesizers, content creators, problem solvers, and solution presenters. My ultimate goal as a teacher is to empower students by leading them to discover they control their own destinies, that they are good and worthy individuals, and that they can be proud of who they are.