Patton's Eco Team is sponsoring a battery and bulb drive!!
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Dead light bulbs and batteries are to be collected in classrooms that choose to participate (we would love everyone to promote this). Safe handling of light bulbs and batteries is a priority so those of you with younger students might want to encourage either a rigid container for light bulbs or having the parents bring those items in. Unfortunately we do not have containers to offer at this moment but we assure you that the Eco-team 5th graders will collect the items two times: on Wednesday the 27th right after school and a final pickup during the school day on Friday, April 29. You may even set them outside your door those days to streamline the process. Batteries can be safely transported in a ziplock bag. No car batteries. 

The class with the highest total of batteries by weight in lbs. and number of light bulbs will receive cupcakes from Mrs. Eads! We hope all choose to help us and any feedback is of course appreciated. 

We hope to expand the Eco-team and it's capacity next year by involving our entire Patton student and staff family, including parents and community resources. This drive is a step in that direction. We appreciate your interest, feedback, and suggestions as we grow into this new phase.  


Wishing all the best,

Patton's Eco-Team

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