Patton has a real Monarch Butterfly Garden!
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Thursday, November 19, 2015
Be a Monarch Hero!!
With a grant from the National Wildlife Federation and AISD, Patton in November, 2015 installed a monarch butterfly garden in our outdoor science classroom / courtyard area - Nayana's Garden. 
On two weekends and during the school day, more than 100 students and parents put in more than 250 hours of work into the garden's installation. We replaced the existing dirt. We added two new sections outside the courtyard gates. We planted milkweed donated by the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center and about 50 other nectar plants. 
Monarch butterflies will use our garden as a "waystation", finding sustenance and a place to lay eggs during their migrations. In the coming years, Patton students will track the plants' growth, butterfly sightings, crysalis frequency, and more. They will also work to help maintain and water the garden. 
Future phases of the project include installing student-produced signage that includes plant descriptions, monarch butterfly migration patterns, and life cycles. Patton's art department will involve students in creating a life cycle mural to be installed in the courtyard. Come visit and watch our garden grow!  For more information, visit the Patton Fifth Grade Website here.
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